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Resolvis S.r.l. provides support to companies in building their own business and image. Resolvis offers a wide range of strategic marketing and communication services, both traditional and advanced, with a particular interest in internet-oriented activities. Resolvis is based in Matera, Italy and can boast an extensive network of national and international partners.

Resolvis presents Translaction, translation in action, a new language service for businesses 

Marketing and communications company Resolvis of Matera, Italy today announces the launch of Translaction – translation in action ( This new service brings together a network of experienced Italian interpreters, translators, teachers and language graduates in collaboration with mother tongue language experts. Our team is spread throughout Italy while the translation processes and communications are managed over the internet. We have expertise in a broad range of areas including technical-scientific, medical, legal, information technology (software and hardware manuals), Web sites, catalogues and fiction. (read more)

Resolvis joins Synaptic Digital Re-seller Programme

Resolvis S.r.l. today announced it is joining the Synaptic Digital re-seller programme.

Synaptic Digital is the international brand resulting from the recent integration of two industry leaders in video communications, The NewsMarket and Medialink, and is the creator of the premier web-based platform,, which connects 25,000 media outlets seeking video and multimedia content from hundreds of clients across 25 countries.

Resolvis will be offering Synaptic Digital's services in Italy as a complement to its own multimedia production capabilities by distributing its clients' content over platform.  The Matera-based company brings a strong background in communication services to its clients. "We welcome the opportunity to join Synaptic Digital's re-seller programme which enables our clients to reach international audiences through their media distribution platform" Angelo Tarantino, Resolvis CEO, said.

Italy is one of the world's top 10 exporters and its brands are known globally across sectors such as automotive, luxury, tourism, culture, financial services, technology and healthcare. "Italy is an important market for us, as many of the brands we work with are looking for international exposure and are keen to reach the Italian media.  We already have an engaged media audience with outlets such as RAI, La 7, and La Stampa taking content from us." said Matthew Thomson, Managing Director - Europe of Synaptic Digital. "We have a number of reseller partnerships around the globe and are looking forward to working with Resolvis.  Our global media network is very interested in receiving content from Italian companies and organizations".

About Resolvis:

Resolvis ( provides support to companies in building their business and image. It offers a wide range of strategic marketing and communication services, both traditional and advanced, with a particular interest in internet-oriented activities, multimedia productions and press offices. The Company is based in Matera, Italy and can rely on an extensive network of national and international partners.

About Synaptic Digital:

Synaptic Digital ( is the global leader in digital media solutions for corporations, organizations and agencies.  Clients turn to its exceptional team of experts to provide the guidance, strategies, proprietary services, creative tools, and the global distribution necessary to share messages that make an impact on TV, the Internet, Web sites, radio, blogs, social networks, and other media channels.  Synaptic Digital remains at the forefront of delivering innovative, reliable and award-winning multimedia products that help clients communicate with their stakeholders.   Top brands such as Ericsson, Fiat, The Gates Foundation, GlaxoSmithKline, Google, Intel, Kia, NATO, Panasonic, and many others worldwide, rely on its online newsrooms, narrative marketing segments, financial communications, and its flagship global distribution platform -

Headquartered in New York, the privately-held company has offices in London, Ahmadabad, Atlanta, Beijing, Chicago, Los Angeles, Mumbai, Munich, San Francisco and Washington, DC.

Mission Possible


Resolvis supports client companies, synchronizes with their rhythm, searches and develops tailored strategies - with extreme attention and avoiding the risk of interfering with other core activities - and translate them into concluded business processes. Our mission is:

Provide companies with operational support and advice services,
in order to seize new business opportunities
and optimize their management and communication practices.

Resolvis provides advice services aimed at innovative marketing, rationalizing resources, management control, quality; telecommunication networks, especially referring to the new Internet frontier; digital contents and containers in all available media (audio, video, Internet, VoIP, sms, traditional and multimedia publishing) aimed at empowering the company's relations and its business communication processes; research and development projects oriented to both business diversification and enhancement of knowledge.


  • Resolvis is:

  • Marketing

    Is it possible to measure a company's potential considering its financial and cultural resources? Is it possible to implement new actions to increase market consolidation, create new commercial opportunities and boost profits? Our clients understood how: by simply making the most of their own know-how.


    The important results achieved by a company may be useless if the entrepreneur does nothing to make them known. Is it possible to improve a company's visibility? Is it possible to do so by establishing a specific connection between investment costs and expected results? Or by using the most modern communication tools offered by advanced technology today?

    Research and Dev

    Innovating, changing, rethinking: where should we start from? The large and pressing number of activities do not often allow a company to focus on its problems. At that point a revision of the management practices and a survey of new business opportunities is required.

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